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The Nelson’s Project

The Pools Project

We began this project by tearing of exiting deck and adding a concrete patio. Rough Sawn Douglas Fur beams were used to build the main structure of this 14' x 24' gabled patio cover. The gable was covered with pine carsiding stained and sealed. A small deck was added to give a comfortable way to get in and out of back door. A custom landscape stone fireplace was added for a place to sit around on a cool night. 

20131 Grove Street

Michaelis Project

With this project we already had an existing patio to work with. We did cut 18"x18" holes in concrete to dig piers for our post to sit on. This covering was a 18'x 22' built with  rough sawn Douglas fur and vault was covered with pine car-siding. 

The Jefferson’s Lake House

Current Project 

A 18'x 22' sunroom addition. 

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